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Kelsey Thomas Consulting is comprised of highly-skilled professionals who have expertise in working with the bureaucratic, stepwise process often required of applying for grants. We are able to summarize and format your grant proposal to the highest quality and professional level, and exceed the standards of the organization from which you are requesting the grant. We succinctly and efficiently showcase your business' needs, providing you with flexible access to the entire grant writing process and allowing you and your organization to focus on work and other needs.  

In today's economy, obtaining grant funding is an excellent avenue for small business owners to fund their businesses. Unlike loans, business grants do not have to be repaid. Grant funds can be used to grow the business, pay salaries, provide for the needs associated with expanding growth, and cover current costs. Kelsey Thomas Consulting provides cash grant services for small businesses, women owned businesses and nonprofits with opportunities for funding to meet this once in a lifetime opportunity. Finding small businesses cash grant funding and writing the grants they need is what we have expertise in for 8 years. Our team also works with larger industries such as entire states, federal and state departments, Native American tribes, cities and much more. We boast a long list of clients who have successfully received grant funding due to our services. 


Greg and his team have been invaluable in helping the Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestras continue to grow and thrive.  Their knowledge and expertise are second to none and they have been instrumental in helping us in our grant writing process.  They are forward thinkers and are helping us to achieve huge aspirations.  I cannot thank them enough!

Matthew Kasper

Director of Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestra

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