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Story Behind the Name

The name Kelsey Thomas is derived from the names of founder Gregory Hebert’s children.

Kelsey ensured her name be listed first and her brother's name, Thomas, second. 

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About: About

Mission Statement

Kelsey Thomas Consulting is driven by excellence and quality to empower organizations to fund their way forward through grant funding. 

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About: Services

Research & Find Quality Grants

Greater profitability through reviewing financials and operations, leadership coaching, budget analysis, how to manage your business during a pandemic, etc.

Craft and 

How to migrate your business into a Client Relations Management system and effectively track, reach and recruit clients, tracking new leads and measuring growth, email integrations and digital campaigns, etc.


Our Grant Advisor on staff dedicates their talents to finding only the most-fitting, quality grants with the target funding ideals for each client.


Our Account Managers/Grant Writers implement their speciality skills to draft the grant proposals for each grant opportunity and receive client approval throughout the process to create the final grant application draft. 

Finalize & Submit

After detailed examination and client approval, the grants are submitted. The Account Managers will then see the opportunities through each phase of the proccess.

Receive Grant Funding & Repeat

Depending on the monthly grant package the client chooses, this process is repeated accordingly. 

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