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What services does Kelsey Thomas offer?

Kelsey Thomas is comprised of highly trained professionals who know exactly where to look for grants, how to apply to them, and all of the ins and outs of grant writing and applications. We will help your business develop a strong mission and business plan if necessary to start the grant application process. Kelsey Thomas Consulting has nine years of experience in finding the grants that have a smaller number of applicants, inherently increasing your chances of being awarded the grant. KTC also works to find its clients a large list of grants to apply for. The more grants you apply for, the more likely you are to receive an award. Additionally, Kelsey Thomas Consulting's expertise in writing grant applications will immediately make your company stand out to the grantor; we know what they are looking for.

After a grant is written and submitted for consideration, the average wait time for approval is 6-8 weeks. Kelsey Thomas Consulting can typically write and submit a grant application within 1-7 days of selection of the first grant by a client. Kelsey Thomas clients apply for grants of $50,000 up to $4,000,000 each. Many private grantors will either announce awardee lists per grant when they are published or to release a statement confirming the funds have been awarded.

Beyond our grant services, our team is so excited to announce that we are officially offering a variety of new services, in addition to our longstanding history of grant writing and management consulting. While we have always provided these services, we are officially adding them to our list of offered areas of expertise. Many clients have already recruited us for these services over the last several years, which is why we have decided to offer them to all individuals. These services include:

  • Business plan writing and consulting

  • Advisory and consulting services - for management, finances, leadership, etc.

  • Writing/amending investor decks

  • Teaching government contracting

  • Providing access to grant database 

  • CRM advising - how to migrate your business into a Client Relations Management system and effectively track, reach and recruit clients

  • Strategic marketing planning 

  • Business development

  • Market research and competitive analysis - how to determine a viable target market and stand out from the competition

  • Business goals and budgeting

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