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How to talk to grantors and investors

At Kelsey Thomas, we understand how intimidating and daunting it can be to talk with investors or potential grantors. Explaining your business to someone who knows nothing about it can be difficult, especially if your firm does something very niche or technical. Our team has learned how to communicate with any potential funders in order to maximize your success of receiving funding.

Here are some tips for talking to potential investors, grantors, or anybody with a financial interest in your firm:

  • Have a concise pitch ready - Not all businesses involve themselves in niche or technical markets. If you can explain your business in a simple elevator pitch, use that as your opening statement and then go into more details later.

  • Explain your need for funding - Some people are embarrassed to admit that they need funding, but don’t be. If you didn’t need funding, you wouldn’t be there in the first place! This is not a reflection on your business’ success. There are unprecedented and financially unstable times. Small businesses and start-ups need help now more than ever!

  • Discuss your competition - All businesses have competitors, and ignoring their existence is a bad idea when trying to win over an investor. Talk about your firm’s strengths and uniqueness!

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