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Nonprofit consulting from Kelsey Thomas

The Kelsey Thomas team is highly experienced in the field of management consulting, specifically for nonprofit organizations. In addition to being successful grant writers for many nonprofit foundations, our team is skilled in helping these institutions achieve their organizational goals.

If you are part of a nonprofit leadership team, you understand that these organizations are needed now more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be overwhelming, especially for smaller nonprofits that might be short on staff.

Kelsey Thomas can help you regroup your organization and get back on track. Our team understands the logistics of these organizations and can even advise your firm on how to turn a for-profit into a non-profit, or vice versa.

Kelsey Thomas also offers the following services for nonprofits:

  • Fundraising ideas and opportunities

  • Grant writing

  • CRM advising

  • Website design and advising

  • Strategic marketing advising

  • Consulting on how to handle donors and finances

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