• Annie Snyder

Political uncertainty demands financial security

With the inauguration of a new president during a global pandemic, many people may feel uncertain about what the future holds. The economy, assistance for businesses and employment opportunities are all strictly limited and are often causes for stress. As business owners, it's common to feel overwhelmed and demotivated by these fears.

One way to combat these fears is to apply for grants. Grants are non-dilutive cash funds that are given from an entity to a business. Grants can come in any amount, ranging from $1,000 to over $1 million. Spearheading a financial plan early on is key to combatting any unforeseen financial mishaps.

Grants are much better than loans because you do not need to pay the money back. Grant funding is necessary for any business looking to expand, especially during a global pandemic when consumerism is at a low for many businesses, Kelsey Thomas can help your firm earn grant funding and expand your business to a new level.

Kelsey Thomas is the #1 grant writing firm in the nation. If you have any questions about grant writing or our other services, please email us at

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