• Annie Snyder

Securing the Bag: Investor Decks

You have an amazing idea for a start-up. You have your friends and family on board, looking to donate money to your cause. You have recruited an amazing team to help you bring this idea to life. You have all the necessary pieces to a possibly great puzzle – manpower, a marketing strategy, feedback and a desired product/service. However, there is one thing you're missing: investors.

Investors can make or break a new start-up, especially during COVID when financial stress is the norm. Creating a compelling and thorough investor deck is key to bringing your great idea to life. However, many business owners do not understand the vitality of a great investor deck and often go into pitch meetings blind.

A compelling investor deck is concise, thorough and proves the desire for your product/service. An investor deck is essentially a business pitch to investors. Kelsey Thomas specializes in creating amazing investor decks that will secure funding for any type of business.

Kelsey Thomas can bring your business to a new level. If you have any questions about investor decks or our other services, please email us at

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