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What does grant writing entail?

Kelsey Thomas is a highly successful grant writing firm. This means that our clients have a very high chance of successfully receiving a grant that we apply for on behalf of them. Prospective clients are constantly asking us what the grant writing process is like.

Here are a few things involved in our process of understanding your firm and writing a compelling grant application for you!

  • Initial meeting - Our team will have many meetings with your firm over the course of our grant writing process, but the initial meeting will help us learn more about your firm, your target market, your financial status and your reasons for funding.

  • Grant search - Searching for grants is a very time consuming and meticulous process. It is often difficult for the general public to even find most of the grants our firm can apply to on behalf of you. We create a thorough grant matrix for your firm, filled with information about each grant and their deadlines, and keep track of which ones we have sent your application to.

  • Grant application drafting - Our team will create a highly detailed and competitive grant application for your firm. These applications will consist of all relevant knowledge about your business, financial statements, your need for funding, marketing strategies, leadership team, potential/past obstacles, any relevant investor information and much more.

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