Frequently Asked 


What is a grant?

Small businesses and individuals have great technologies, services, ideas, concepts and projects that, although valuable and even necessary to a society or community, cannot find the funding they need through traditional sources like banks and investors. Luckily, cash grants are offered by different organizations, including  federal and state governments, foundations and other corporations, Google, banks, and many other places! 

Unlike loans, grants are cash payments that do not need to be paid back. In today's economy, grants are a useful source of cash for any type of business. Grants are also non-dilutive, meaning that the business owner does not need to give away partial ownership (as done with investors) in order to receive funding. Essentially, grants are "free money!"


Finding the best grants for your business can prove very difficult, as it is often wrought with red tape, bureaucracy, and confusing websites. Obtaining a grant from an organization of any type, for any reason, generally relies on the drafting and presentation of a thorough grant application. It must clearly state the reason for the need of the grant as well as accurately account for the financial use of the grant. There are also many additional components to a grant application, including a business plan, defined company goals, potential and past obstacles, marketing strategies and competitive analysis. However, the requirements of a grant application often vary depending on what kind of firm is offering said grant.  

What are my chances of receiving a grant?

Because grants are so coveted, interest is high. Seeking grants should be a goal of businesses that want to grow, and need funding for operations and to fund that growth. It is important to note that you will not be awarded every grant you apply for; in order to maximize your chances of receiving a sizable grant, it is best to apply for as many grants as possible. When you search for grants on google, you will find the same grants that millions of other business-owners find. Consulting firms that specialize in grant researching and writing, such as Kelsey Thomas, immensely improve your chances of applying to as many grants as possible, and more importantly, the grants you are have the best chance of being awarded.

Another challenging aspect of the grant application process is crafting the proposal. No matter how innovative your project is, the grantors will not consider it without a solid and cohesive plan seen in your application. Grants also usually have strict criteria that applicants must follow. Therefore, the completion of a successful proposal takes a substantial amount of research and know-how. If you’re willing to invest the time and effort needed to secure funding, applying for a grant will be worth your while.

How exactly can Kelsey Thomas help me?

Kelsey Thomas is comprised of a team of experts in grant writing and applications. We are a group of highly trained professionals who know exactly where to look for grants, how to apply to them, and all of the ins and outs of grant writing and applications. It is imperative for businesses that are seeking grants to hire a grant writing firm in order to create a thorough and comprehensive application in order to maximize the chances of successfully obtaining funding. Our company has access to grants that are generally unseen by the general public.


In addition to grant writing, Kelsey Thomas offers valuable consulting and business development services that are useful for any business. Our team has encountered a number of entrepreneurs and business owners with incredible ideas who have not necessarily developed adequate business plans, measurable company goals, marketing strategies or other various aspects business development and administration. To create an enticing and successful grant application, our team must have a clear understanding of all aspects of your business. Kelsey Thomas can help you develop in areas of business management where you may be lacking, and your business can benefit from these accomplishments for years to come. Defining successful business strategies and goals can help any company measure success, track accountability and navigate future obstacles.

Are grants available for every type of business?

Yes! There are a wide variety of grants available, allowing all types of businesses opportunities to be awarded grants. Keep in mind that each grant has unique guidelines and expectations. While all businesses can qualify for a grant, there is a larger pool of grants set aside for women, minorities, and veterans.

With help from Kelsey Thomas, your firm can apply to a myriad of grants that can help your company grow. All types of businesses qualify for grants – Kelsey Thomas Consulting will help you discover the right ones. Some grants accept applications from all organizations, while others are tailored for a specific market, such as minority-owned businesses or brand-new businesses.

Our company has worked with a wide variety of different clients, including entire states such as California and New York, federal and state departments, Native American tribes, large industries, small businesses and more. The Kelsey Thomas team is highly trained in grant writing and can assist any business with their application needs. 

What is the range of money awarded from grants?

Kelsey Thomas clients apply for grants of $50,000 up to $4 million per grant. There are smaller grants available as well. You are not limited to the number of grants you may apply for in any month, or year.

How long does it take to get a grant?

After a grant is written, the average wait time for approval is six to eight weeks. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased waiting times to hear back from grantors. This is due to the fact that more and more businesses and nonprofits are in dire need of grant funding, so there are more people applying and thus more applications for grantors to comb through.

How long does it take to recieve funding for an awarded grant?

Funding begins immediately and is awarded in cash methods or via direct deposit. Grant funding is non-dilutive and is not taxed. If you are awarded a grant for $100,000, you will receive all of that money.